news (Ongoing Projects)

Siemens Technology HEP

May 2020
The Project design for 6 levels office building, 3 Levels Production floor with clean room, CUB building with Gas Yard.
  • 30% & 70% Conceptual Design Completed.
  • Fire/Water/Process system Conceptual design ongoing.
  • Fire/Water/Process system BIM Revit modelling ongoing.
  • 90% Conceptual design ongoing.

PT WK Batam, Indonesia LEED

May 2020
LEED Certification for Over All Building
  • Client representative & Site management.
  • Upgrade work Tender preparation ongoing.
  • Existing Energy system data validation ongoing.
  • Targeted for LEED Submission on Apr-Jul 2021.
  • Audit On hold due to COVID 19 Pandemic situation


May 2020
  • Design, Technical evaluation, Value Eng Completed
  • Tender awarded and kickoff meeting completed
  • Installation completed.
  • T&C On hold due to COVID 19 Pandemic situation

WIK Domestic Appliances Shenzhen

FEB 2020
  • Upgrade MEP system.
  • 1 year Consolidated Energy data has been submitted to USGBC
  • USGBC LEED Certification awarded


May 2020
ams nano Space Singapore
Four Storey Clean Room Production building,
  • CSA & MEP Clean Room completed and Handed over to client.
  • Base built Final Account closed on May 2019.
  • Final account Completed.

WIK Plastic Recycle Plant

May 2020
Client : WIK FAR EAST BATAM (Start Aug 2019)
  • Single Storey Plastic Recycling Plant
  • CSA Construction completed
  • Mechanical installation completed
  • Electrical System final T&C pending.
  • On hold due to COVID 19 Pandemic situation

Macedonia : WIK Phase1

May 2020
New Phase1: Two Storey Office & Single Storey Production, Food Grade Building.
  • Equipment Move-in Completed.
  • CSA punch list cleared
  • MEP Final T&C Completed.
  • 300KW PV Solar project Completed.
  • LEED Silver Certification Awarded.
  • Authority inspection ongoing.

Batam, Indonesia : WIK Far East

May 2020
Phase 3 :
Two Storey Office & Production, Food Grade Building.
  • Design ongoing.
  • Budget Preparation.
  • Evaluation of Options.

Austria Villach : Infineon Technologies

May 2020
Front-End 300mm FAB / PG300
  • Conceptual Design Completed.
  • Awarded to Design & Built Contractor
  • Negotiation & award of MEP trade contract completed
  • Detail design MEP Installation ongoing.
  • MEP & Clean room Client representative and Site Management ongoing

PV Batam, Indonesia : WIK FAR EAST

May 2020

Solar PV Panel Project: Phase1 600KW & Phase2 400KW

  • Gid-Tie PV Solar System with limited Export completed.
  • PV Power generation started.
  • ROI and Performance Monitoring ongoing.

Kulim, Malaysia : Infineon Technologies

May 2020
FAB 2 : Continuity with significantly cutting construction cost while securing highest quality building: Infineon AG Germany trusted again AE Asia with a value engineered conceptual design, tender documents, contract management, awarding and site management support for the 200/300mm Wafer Fab Plant 2 in Kulim Malaysia.
Status :
  • Project Contract and Commercial management ongoing.
  • CSA Work Site management ongoing.
  • CSA, MEP, Clean Room Site Management ongoing.
  • Upgrade HE Implantation
  • Final project closure end of July20.

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